Concealed Carry Course

To register for the Frontline Defense NC Concealed Carry Course, please visit our online course catalog at

8 hours + range qualification time — $100.00 Cash

Receive a 5 hour range pass for FREE upon completion.

Concealed Carry Training Courses are taught in Zebulon until we build our new building at the range in Warren County. It is taught on Saturdays and is a one day class from 8 a.m.–5 p.m., plus range qualification. You will receive a free 5 hour range pass ($80.00 value, not redeemable for cash) upon completion of the class for range time in Warren County. You will receive directions and the course outline once you have registered for the course.

If you don’t have a pistol, you can rent a .22 caliber for $30.00. This includes the gun an 40 rounds of ammunition. You must provide your own hearing protection and safety glasses.

You must be able to safely load, unload, and shoot on your own. If not, we offer a Basic Pistol Course that will prepare you for the Conceal Carry Handgun Course.

Our Concealed Carry Course meets the standards as set forth by the North Carolina Administrative Code.

Concealed Carry Course Requirements

  • Concealed Carry Course must be a minimum of eight hours long plus range and qualification time.
  • The legal block of instruction must be a minimum of two hours in length.
  • A written legal examination is required.
  • A shooting proficiency examination is required. The course of fire must be a minimum of 40 rounds with 15 rounds fired from the three yard line, 15 rounds fired from the five yard line, and 10 rounds fired from the seven yard line on a silhouette target.
  • The Concealed Carry Course must cover the following topics or it does not meet the minimum standards: Legal Issues, Handgun Safety, Handguns, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Carrying Concealed Safety Issues, Presentation Techniques, Cleaning and Maintenance, Ammunition, and Proficiency Drills

The purpose of this block of instruction is to explain to the student the aspects of the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Law as it applies to a citizen’s right to carry a concealed handgun and to teach how to apply the fundamentals of safety and basic marksmanship.

See the Training Calendar for concealed carry training course dates

NC HB 937 Changes to Concealed Carry Laws

Learn the new laws of HB 937 that went into effect October 1st, 2013. Frontline Defense’s concealed carry training will always be up-to-date on the most recent laws. Click here to download the PDF of SL2013-369 as posted on the North Carolina General Assembly website.

Concealed Handgun Chart – Prohibited Carry Areas: Effective October 1, 2013

“YES” indicates a concealed carry permit holder can carry in the establishment listed.
“NO” indicates that concealed carry is prohibited in the establishment listed.

Carry Area Concealed Carry Handgun Permittee
Educational Property YES – If secured in vehicle unless private educational property is posted
Where Alcoholic Beverages
Are Sold and Consumed
YES – Unless posted
Certain State Property and Courthouses
This does not address Legislative office properties
YES – If secured in vehicle
Parades or Funeral Processions YES – Unless posted
Picket Lines, Private Health Care Facilities NO
Posted Property NO
Law Enforcement or
Correctional Facility
Federal Property NO
While Consuming Alcohol or While Alcohol or
Controlled Substance Is In the Blood
Assembly Where Admission Is Charged YES – Unless posted
State Owned Rest Areas YES
Posted Local Government Recreational Facilities NO

NOTE: The chart above is for informational purposes only and does not contain all information necessary for a concealed carry permit in the state of North Carolina. You must complete a concealed carry course by a certified instructor before carrying a concealed handgun. To register for Frontline Defense’s concealed carry handgun course, please email

See the Training Calendar for concealed carry training course dates

Concealed Carry Course Feedback

“I took my CHP class on last Saturday in Zebulon with Frontline Defense, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the class. We had kind of a unique set of characters that made the class more interesting, like an ER nurse telling stories about pulling bullets out of peoples’ butt cheeks! Paul’s sense of humor and thorough knowledge of the content made him an approachable teacher. I cannot say enough great things about my experience taking this course, and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who is deciding where to take their class. Also, his strong emphasis on safety during the class content made me feel all that more secure when we went to qualify on the range.” —Seth G.

“Paul does an excellent job of presenting a very informative and entertaining class. His attention to details relieved my fears and made getting my concealed weapon permit much easier than I anticipated.” — CPP

“Thanks so much for making this available. Ken and I went this week and applied for our permits. The class was great and very informative. I had no idea all that was involved. Your class was easy to follow and understand. You were so thorough and professional that I left feeling much more confident than before I attended. Your attention to details really helped. I highly recommend your class to all handgun owners no matter what level of experience that they have. We are looking forward to the opening of a range and we will contact you for more classes. Thanks again.” — Ken & Susan L.