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NOTICE: Training Calendar Posted – New Courses Available!

The 2015 training calendar is up and we’re offering new courses and a way to register and pay online! Members, check the wall for Member Only Discount Codes.

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Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center courses are taught by Paul Smith at our range in Warren County. You do not have to be a member of the range to sign up for any of our training classes. Range members get a 10% discount on all classes.

Paul can travel anywhere in the state of North Carolina to teach all of these classes at your establishment. Call 919-605-8350 or visit FLD’s online course catalog to register for any class and to receive information on specific course requirements.

For Concealed Carry course info click here. Please note, the classroom and range portion of the NC Concealed Carry Handgun course are currently taught in Zebulon, NC. You will receive directions and the course outline once you have registered for the course.

One-On-One Private Instruction Is Available — Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Email or call for rates on a program tailored to your specific needs.

NEW! Intro to Competitive Shooting

4 hours $125.00

Learn how to read a stage before you begin to shoot. Do you know when you are going to conduct a magazine change? What are the rules and safety requirements? Learn to safely shoot on the move. How do you transition from one firearm to the next? What kind of gear do I need and what should I expect when I show up to a Ambush Action Series Match? Course fee is $100.00 and is 4 hours long.
Intro to Competitive Shooting Course at Frontline Defense Range


All Attendees Must Bring:

  • 50 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Pistol holster
  • 2 magazines and magazine holder (pockets will work if you do not have one yet.)
Those Interested In 3-Gun Competitions:

  • Shotgun with 25 rounds — bird shot only. #6, #7,#7.5, #8 shot size only
  • Rifle with 40 rounds of target ammo.
  • You can use one of our shotguns or rifles if you do not have one. You bring the ammo, no charge on the firearm. Please inform us if this is needed.

No green tip, tracer, armor piercing ammo, bi-metal core or XM193 please.

All firearms need to be in a case when exiting your vehicle. Pre-registration required. See calendar for future dates.

Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center Classes

Frontline Defense Basic Handgun Course

Basic Handgun

This is a four hour class designed for the individual who has little or no experience with a handgun or who needs a refresher course. Many people are conducting their first handgun purchases and cannot load/unload a handgun on their own and do not know how to safely operate it. This class is for you.

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Frontline Defense Advanced Handgun Level 1 Course

Advanced Handgun Level 1

Now you have your conceal carry permit, what’s next? Learn the difference between point/precision shooting techniques and when to apply these skills based on the situation. Learn self defense in the home and on the street.

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Frontline Defense Advanced Handgun Level 2 Course

Advanced Handgun Level 2

Having completed the Level 1 class qualifies you for the Level 2 class. Do you know how to draw and shoot from a vehicle? Do you know where the proper place on a vehicle to protect your body from incoming threats?

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Frontline Defense Carbine Class Operator 1 Course

Carbine Class Operator 1

You have just purchased your first AR15 or AK47 and want to know how to safely and properly operate it. Do you know how to break it down and clean it?

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Frontline Defense Carbine Class Operator 2 Course

Carbine Class Operator 2

Having completed our Operator 1 class is a prerequisite to attend this class unless you have prior Military Infantry or a Special Operations background.

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Frontline Defense Tactical Shotgun Class

Tactical Shotgun

Having a shotgun for home self-defense is one of the best firearms one can use. Not knowing how to operate and utilize it to its full potential is dangerous.

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Frontline Defense Long Range Rifle Level 1

Long Range Rifle

A two-day introductory course in long range shooting focusing on the fundamentals of long range marksmanship skills. The course goals include identifying and applying the skills required for long range shooting and an overview of the necessary equipment.
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Frontline Defense Field Craft Course


Learn the art of camouflage, constructing a ghillie suit, land navigation, cover and concealment, data gathering, and more. Full course information coming soon. Check out our fieldcraft video on YouTube.

Frontline Defense Women's Programs

Women’s Programs

Frontline Defense and Trigger Happy present an Essential Handgun Safety Class for Women at Frontline Defense Range in Warrenton, NC. This class is designed for women who want to learn to shoot and women who are looking to purchase a firearm. Learn to safely shoot various caliber pistols & shotguns. To follow with discussion on gun ownership and safety. See our calendar for upcoming course dates.

Frontline Defense Junior Marksmanship Program

Junior Marksmanship Program

More information coming soon.

North Carolina Concealed Carry Course

8 hours $100.00 Cash — Zebulon, NC

Concealed Carry classes are currently taught in Zebulon, NC.

Concealed Carry Courses are taught in groups of 3 or more. We offer a one day class taught in Zebulon on Saturdays from 8 a.m.–5 p.m., classroom and range qualification is conducted in Zebulon. You will receive directions and the course outline once you have registered for the course. Please check the calendar for course dates.

For full course information, see NC Concealed Carry Course.