Videos and photos from training and competitions at Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range.

Range Facilities

Aerial Tour of Frontline Defense

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Ambush Action Series

Tannerite On the Range

Henry Rifles Demo Day at Frontline Defense

Henry Rifles at Frontline Defense Thank you to Henry Rifles for an amazing Demo Day at Frontline Defense! Shooters ranging in ages from 7 to 80 came out and enjoyed shooting a variety of Henry .22s and .44 magnum rifles at ranges varying from 25 to 100 yards. Check out our photos from the Henry Rifle Demo Day!

Celebrities at the Range

Gabby Franco at Frontline Defense

Read more about Gabby Franco’s classes at Frontline Defense by clicking here.

Events at the Range

NC Gun Owners Meet and Greet at Frontline Defense.

The Well Armed Women, The Armed Angels.

Range Training

Ambush Action Series Rambo Run 3 Gun Challenge 2014