Long Range Rifle Training

Long Range Rifle Training 1000 Yard Rifle Range

1000-yard Rifle Range — Berm has finished construction, working on shooting platform and target stands. Opening Spring 2015.

Long range rifle facility

North Carolina’s fastest growing members range, Frontline Defense, has started construction on its 1000-yard range. This is in addition to the already completed 100-yard and 300-yard rifle ranges and our 300-yard tactical training range. We proudly offer a variety of shooting scenarios for all stages of shooters, from beginner rifle to the advanced marksmen.

Drawing from the extensive military backgrounds of our instructors and RSOs, Frontline Defense has designed our ranges not just for long-range rifle competitive shooters, but also to provide long distance shooting in real-world scenarios.

A key aspect in the design of our 1000-yard range is to keep it as challenging as possible for the shooter by using natural surroundings, vehicles, mock buildings, rough and uneven terrain. This will give a long-range shooter of any skill level a challenge, whether they are seeking training, shooting in competitive rifle matches, or just want to have fun with their large caliber rifles. Frontline Defense will provide the steel targets necessary for long-range shooting.

In addition to the 1000-yard rifle range, shooters will have the option of various shooting positions ranging from 300 yards to 800 yards designed to provide different shooting angles back to the main 1000-yard rifle berm. There will also be an additional 1,000-yard rifle range with unknown distance targets. 50 caliber and .338 lapua’s are allowed.

Long range rifle training

Frontline Defense owner and head instructor, Paul Smith, graduated as the Distinguished Honor Graduate of the U.S. Army Sniper School, commanding the Ft. Rucker SRT Sniper Team. Smith is also a graduate of the FBI’s Advanced Marksmanship Training. His real world training brings valuable experience to the classroom. With addition of staff members who have served in the Special Operations community, you will receive the best training at Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range — one of NC’s fastest growing outdoor shooting facilities.

Through our dedicated instructors, our long-range rifle training is designed to take any skill level, from novice to experience long-range shooters, and hone their skills. In addition, our field craft training will teach you the skills needed to survive in a hostile environment or natural disaster.

Long range rifle competitions

Frontline Defense’s Ambush Action Sniper Series offers every level of shooter with a long-range rifle competition challenge in a real-world environment.

Membership to Frontline Defense is not required for competitions or training courses. All other use of the 1000-yard range will require range memberships. We look forward to serving you at Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range.

Long Range Rifle

Frontline Defense Long Range Precision Rifle

2 Days $500.00

Our Long Range Rifle course will prepare you for ringing steel on our 1000-yard-range or dropping an elk from 600 yards on a hunting trip.

This is a two day introductory course in long range shooting focusing on the fundamentals of long range marksmanship skills. The course goals include identifying and applying the skills required for long range shooting and an overview of the necessary equipment. Note, high dollar firearms and the newest optics are not necessary. A rental firearm will be available for an additional fee if you do not own a long range rifle.

Please check the calendar for course dates. You can register for the Frontline Defense Long Range Rifle course by visiting http://educateequiptrain.com.